Recipe for a Colorful Kitchen

We recently inhereted two very awesome pieces of furniture from Fredrik’s mom. I can’t even tell you how much I love when that happens! I should start by saying that his mom has great taste and is also very generous. :) Not only do we now have a large industrial metal pendant light, but we also have an antique wooden table that was Fredrik’s great grandmother’s. Not bad for hand-me-downs, right?

With our great “new” pieces, it was easy to get inspired and think of ways to change it up in our kitchen. It is probably my favorite room in our apartment, as it is open and spacious (enough so that it is often our art studio!), beautifully sunny in the mornings, and… so very white! I really think the white cabinets and walls help keep the room to feel larger than it is, however, I’m a color fanatic and have been itching to do something bright and bold to spice it up.

Living in an apartment where we are not allowed to paint gives us an additional challenge, but also makes this next project so fun. Below you’ll see my recipe for our colorful kitchen makeover, which I’m excited to get started on over the weekend! I absolutely fell in love with this photograph of the trams in Lisbon, Portugal and want to try to breath the same life into our own lovely kitchen. I adore it’s old European charm along with the mix of bright colors and patterned tiles.

So, here’s a little sneak peak of the kitchen makeover… and more to come!!

I mean, tiled tram cars?? LOVE IT. I cannot wait to get here someday.

You’ll have to check back to see my progress. :)

See for yourself. 1. Antonio Laranjeira / 2. Kika Reichert  / 3. Declan McCullagh Photography / 4. 79 Ideas / 5.  Stil Inspirations / 6. Wed Cheaper / 7. Granit  / 8. Granit / 9. Granit


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