Moody Interiors

I’m starting to learn what the Swedish fall is really all about. The leaves are changing into brilliant shades of gold, orange, and red, the temperature has dropped to the 50s, and the clouds are rolling in. I’ve always loved the dramatic skies of the fall, serving as both a backdrop to the colorful landscape and an ever-changing composition of colors changing with the wind. I love the way the sun’s rays stretch out from behind cotton candy clouds tinted with deep shades of blue and purple and I love that I’m lucky enough to experience it 4,000 miles away from home.

We have seen our fair share of those skies lately here in Stockholm, but with a little bit too much cloud and too little sun for my liking. However, despite the rather gray skies we’ve had all week, I still find the weather quite charming and cozy. It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to play hooky from work, stay in your pajamas all day with the company of a good book and candle light. Anyways… before I put you to sleep, I’ve got some moody interiors to share with you to match this moody weather. Don’t they make you feel like just curling up in a blanket?!

I’m such a fan of charcoal gray in the bedroom. It’s a versatile color that adds lots of warmth and drama! [The Style Files]

living room 3

Love those adorable mushroom lamps and that yellowy glow… [Home Designing]

living room 2

This one is a little bit of an odd ball for me, but I think that black wall in contrast with the off white couch, fireplace and rug is just SO dramatic and welcoming. I like black rooms. [Decor Pad]

light gray

I also like this gray room. [Emmas Design Blogg]

bedroom 2

Exposed brick, old chest, black and white photography, need I say more? [Japanese Trash]

gray and green

I’ve been obsessed with this little reading nook for a long time now. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a certain affinity for the color green and that avocado chaise lounge is just calling my name! [Preciously Me]


I am absolutely loving that dark and mysterious wall paper by Minakani Walls. [Anthology Magazine]

skona hem

And last, but not least, a dark chocolate bedroom with lots of texture and a rather odd crow portrait. [S & H]

Although it would have been nice to play hooky from a day of job searching, I am proud to say that instead I continued to apply to some more jobs, got an awesome outdoor workout from my fantastic personal trainer friend, Bonnie, and now get to enjoy some quiet time with my blog and favorite artichoke-shaped candle. It’s the little things.


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