HAPPY HOUR! Taverna Brillo

Well, I think Mother Nature read my post from yesterday because the weather could not have been any more beautiful than it was today! A “top ten day” as my mom would call it. Before I head out to watch the Sweden vs. Austria fotboll game (soccer, that is!) I wanted to leave you with a little Friday afternoon inspiration.

Last weekend after checking out the Megaloppis, aka Mega Flea Market, we went to Taverna Brillo for dinner, or rather late lunch, with Fredrik’s parents. I was pumped to finally check out this lovely new restaurant that recently popped up in the Stureplan/Östermalmstorg area. But, before I start obsessing about its totally freakin’ awesome and unexpected interior, I want to just say that the food was fantastic. OK, now can I start gushing?

Taverna Brillo is an Italian restaurant that includes three bars, a market with gorgeous loaves of freshly baked bread and lots and lots of ost (the Swedish word for cheese… definitely an important word in my vocabulary), as well as an ice-cream café and outdoor greenhouse eating area. I know that’s a mouthful, but it’s got a whole lot going on and has something to offer just about everyone. At first glance, it looks like a deli with a few tables for a quick bite to eat, but once you step through those glass doors you’ve entered a lovely little maze of eating areas, bars, and cafés, each with its own distinct style. 

In addition to the quaint, deli-like counter, was there a wall adorned with black graffiti. An urban twist on a classic italian delicatessen, I like it. Now, it was 4 pm, mind you, on a Saturday and this place was packed with people of all ages, giving it a casual and yet Saturday night out vibe. From there we passed Växthuset, or the greenhouse, where people were drinking lattes, and then walked into the main portion of the restaurant. The room was vast and open with a copper ceiling, unique DIY light fixtures, shiny white tiles, avocado green walls, and a skylight that could not be missed. It didn’t stop there though, beyond that restaurant portion there were two more separate rooms that flanked a separate entrance. I could go on forever, but you’ll just have to see it for yourself.


pic 5

What I love about Taverna Brillo is that it was a bit like its own little neighborhood, an Italian alleyway bustling good food, good people, and good wine. I loved its many personalities, all different and all complimenting one another. I also love that you could spent a whole day and night there: start with an afternoon coffee, enjoy a delicious dinner, then move to the bar, and finally hit up that ice-cream café. They also often host djs and live musicians from Thursday to Saturday. Cool. Well done, Jonas Bohlin!

oh yes, and I almost forgot… skål!

Photo Credits:  My News Desk


2 thoughts on “HAPPY HOUR! Taverna Brillo

  1. Not sure which I would prefer more, brunch, lunch, happy hour or late night for dining. The decor looks somewhat industrial to me but is softened by the lighting and use of different style rooms. Would love to go!

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