Dream Team: A Personal Reminder

bob dylan quote

This quote seems to be just what I wanted to hear today. When I made the decision to move to Sweden last December, I knew that the road would not be simple, and clear, and straight. But then again, is it ever? Since graduating from college, I have made a series of decisions based on a gut feeling that undoubtedly seemed crazy to some. These have been decisions that make the winding road exhilarating, terrifying, and full of lots of detours.

I want to take the time right now to just remind myself why I’m doing this. After countless CVs, emails, phone calls, and meetings (all in Swedish, mind you!!), I still do not have a job. I’ve had a whole bunch of almosts, but timing hasn’t seemed to work out anywhere yet. It’s ok though because I know that every day I get a little bit closer and although the progress is slower than I’d like, I’m still moving forward. Patience, Lindsay. Patience.

Dream Team_Lindsay Froats

“Dream Team” | 19 ¾ x 27 ½” | Graphite

In the meantime, I’m working on some new drawings that I will eventually share here, and dream of selling my art. I created this drawing two years ago for Fredrik when we were still in the middle of a very long distance relationship. It’s compiled of a whole bunch of moments we’ve shared together, from hiking Buck Mountain and row-boating in Central Park our first summer, to experiencing my first fika in Stockholm. It still makes me smile when I look at it. The Dream Team has big plans and slowly the puzzle pieces are falling into place. One by one.

Quote from Free People


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