A Few Reasons Why I Have to Get to Melbourne

So, it seems that every time I come across something new that I love, it comes from Melbourne, Australia. I started catching onto this trend when I discovered the colorful, whimsical, and feminine illustrations by Kat Macleod and has continued to include a rather extensive list of other fantastically inspiring artists, textile designers and bloggers. It’s official, I’m obsessed.

These pattern-crazed Australians have got me hooked and dreaming of taking a nice 20+ hour flight to the world’s most livable city (3 years in a row!). Here’s a few reasons I’ll be sure to get there someday, and hopefully sooner rather than later. I can’t get enough of the vibrant color schemes, bold (perhaps aboriginal?) patterns, playful interiors, and inspiring words. I don’t even think its possible to not feel good when you check out some of these amazing artists and designers… They seem to have a special appreciation for hand-craft and just plain happy design. They must be doing something right over there!

Here are a few reasons why I have to get to Melbourne… If these don’t brighten your day, I don’t know what will.

1. Kat Macleod – Love, love, love her expressive collage illustrations.

kat macleod illustration_learning to love white_melbourne illustration

kat macleod_learning to love white_melbourne illustration_5 kat macleod_learning to love white_melbourne illustrator

2. Kip & Co. – Bright and juicy bedding inspired by nature and designed with love by three friends.

Kip and Co_textiles_learning to love white

KIP+CO_learning to love white_melbourne home

3. The Design Files Open House – The Design Files, one of my fav blogs, has their own “open house” showcasing Australian artists and designers. OBSESSED.

The Design files open house_learning to love white_melbourne interiors

BrookeHolm_the design files open house_learning to love white

Reminds me quite a bit of Scandinavian design, but more colorful and fun!

4. Bonnie and Neil – A textile and furniture company with a passion for bold, geometric patterns. And sustainability, too!

anthology-mag-blog-bonnie-and-neil_learning to love white

bonnie and neil_learning to love white_the design files

5. Harvest Textiles – More color and more pattern! This creative team of designers uses organic, recycled or locally produced fabrics whenever possible and offers screen printing and textile workshops, as well.harvest textiles_bedding_learning to love white_melbourne design

harvest textiles_learning to love white_melbourne homes

…Are you hooked yet?!


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